The Iwate Sanriku Reconstruction Bridging Project

The Iwate Tomorrow Design Organization is an organization formed by cooperation between government, industry and academic sectors within Iwate Prefecture. The Organization is working to promote the Iwate Sanriku Reconstruction Bridging Project.
This website forms the center of the Project and will:

  1. Publish information regarding the current progress of the reconstruction in Iwate.
  2. Connect those who are trying to provide support with those engaged in the reconstruction who are requesting aid.
  3. Widen the circle of support activities for the reconstruction.

These are the roles that we are fulfilling, with the goal of utilizing a broad base of support both from within Iwate and beyond. We hope that by doing this we can help to speed up Iwate’s reconstruction.

We are deeply grateful for the warm encouragement and support we received after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. Iwate is currently making progress in its reconstruction. We hope to rely on your continued support.

Iwate Tomorrow Design Organization(Office of Policy Promotion,Iwate
Prefecture Department of Policy and Regional Affairs)
email: E-mail Address (Japanese & English only.)